STAR-H offers robust, self-adhesive printed appliqué antennas for UAV applications which can be mounted almost anywhere on the platform. These extremely low profile appliqués can be installed on horizontal or vertical surfaces providing the desired polarization coverage and can even be mounted independently as blade antennas if surface space is unavailable on the airframe in the disired orientation.

Our simple and reliable systems require minimal installation time and require no modification to the air frame and little or no modification to the aircraft skin, depending on installation configuration. The appliqués will not damage the platform and can be removed without any damage to the aircraft.

Our specialty wideband appliqué antennas offer the ability to use one antenna over a broad range of frequencies, potentially eliminating the need for multiple antennas, or allowing more effective implementation of software-defined radio (SDR). We offer standard wideband appliqué antennas catered to Department of Defense (DoD) spectrum bands, and we are also able to create custom wideband appliqué antennas for special applications. For more information on custom units, please Contact Us.