Company Profile

In 1999 G. Yale Eastman, newly retired CEO and founder of the highly successful Thermacore Corporation, resurrected the dormant STAR-H Corporation and recreated it into its present form, a leading-edge company in the design and production of sophisticated radio communications antennas.  STAR-H had previously been used to perform thermal management studies.  Since the beginning, the philosophy of STAR-H has been to devise the most innovative antenna engineering solutions for unusual and difficult problems in radio communications.  That philosophy of innovation remains to this day and has been evidenced by a number of highly innovative antennas designs produced by STAR-H, including its Low-Profile Antenna (US Pat. 6,580,398).

Although STAR-H began in Lancaster, PA, where it is still domiciled, the main operations now take place in STAR-H’s facilities in State College, PA, in close proximity to Penn State University.  Yale Eastman began the Company with EE Prof. James K. Breakall, an expert in antenna design.  Initially, this management team focused on laminated assemblies, where substrates could be bonded together to allow for antennas to be worn.  Today, Prof. Breakall maintains close contact with STAR-H as a technical consultant.  Yale Eastman remains as advisor to the Company although the CEO is now Dr. Milton Machalek, who joined STAR-H in 2000 to market STAR-H’s products and services to government and industry.

STAR-H’s State College operations include a laboratory, large storage facilities, an outdoor testing field, and manufacturing facilities.  In its short history, STAR-H has been awarded eight Phase I and two Phase II SBIR’s.  The Company has a large IP portfolio which includes two US patents and considerable know-how.  STAR-H has successfully marketed not only its engineering services but also its proprietary antennas in the US as well as to overseas markets.  The Small Business continues to grow with more innovative designs and products.

Mission Statement

STAR-H offers superior research and development services and products in the field of radio frequency systems and antenna engineering for military, commercial, and research uses internationally. STAR-H is a company that demonstrates the successful intersection of engineering and application resulting in innovative solutions that continue to change the world we live in.

Our Values


We have the "know how", technology, human capital, and resources to give our best to every project. With a fresh source of talent from Penn State University and a foundation based on experience, we are poised for success.


We operate out of a facility with excellent design and progressive equipment that enables us to reach the goals of our clients and find solutions and improvements that are customized to their needs.


We are a small business operating with the same fundamental scientific principles as major centers. However, being versatile, we can cut through the red tape and get work done. Sound relationships allow for clear and direct communication so that we meet expectations every time.


We have been in operation for many years and have never once faced a challenge we could not solve. Our customer service level is nearly 100% and our quality control processes ensure that nothing leaves our facilities without ensuring quality and proper specifications.


We are committed to not only operating a facility which protects and supports the health and well being of our employees, but also producing products that are dependable, of high quality and can save lives.


Our company culture is one of honesty and transparency. Employees have the opportunity to share concerns, suggest improvements and work hard.