One of our goals at STAR-H is to ease the process of selecting the correct antenna for any application. Whether an off-the-shelf solution is appropriate, or slight configuration is required for specialized applications, we will help you from start to finish to ensure you receive the best solution.

For situations where the required frequency band is known but there is flexibility in antenna type, please see our listing of Applications by Frequency Band.

To browse types of applications to which we cater, please see below. This list includes typical antennas used for common applications, but may not be exhaustive when unique solutions are necessary for difficult problems. To discuss your situation with a STAR-H engineer for tailored asssitance, please submit a Product Inquiry. Please note that this list is provided as guidance only, and the specifications of each antenna should be carefully reviewed prior to making a decision on its suitability for an application.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) / Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Configured Appliqué Antennas Available in on-demand specifications for non-intrusive applications
Conformal SINCGARS Appliqué Antennas Flexible SINCGARS band antennas
Super-Elastic Whip Designed for durability and net-capture applications
Wideband Winglets Low cost solution for wing integration
Low Profile Antennas Available in various frequency bands
Break-Away SINCGARS Specially designed for low-risk net capture
Outboard Wideband Blade High bandwidth with an aerodynamic blade design
Ultra-Wideband Dipole Antennas Ground station link with fewer antennas than before
S-Band Low Profile Command and Control Low-profile designed for S-band links

Ground Vehicle

Low Profile Antennas Available in various frequency bands
Wideband Dipole Antennas Smaller sizes may be appropriate for mobile units
Configured Appliqué Antennas Customizable for non-intrusive vehicle mounting
NVIStar™ HF/NVIS Vehicular Antenna Low-clearance, safe vehicle antennas

Mobile Ground Stations

Wideband Dipole Antennas Available in small and collapsible versions

Tower-Mounted Communications

Wideband Dipole Antennas Hardware available for mounting to nearly any tower
High Gain Yagi Antennas Cost-effective, scalable directional systems
High Gain Log-Periodic Antennas Cost-effective, scalable directional systems

ISM, WiFi, and Commercial

High Gain Yagi Antennas Boost the directional gain of your radios
2.4 GHz ISM Band (Wi-Fi) Low Profile Non-intrusive networking through your building
1.5-4 GHz Wideband Small, compact, and durable
High Gain Antennas Directional links for wireless infrastructure and backhaul
Emergency Wireless Services Emergency internet/3G services for local and regional crisis

Testing and Range Management

SpectraStar™ Spectrum Management RF spectrum environment management
Wideband Dipole Antennas Extremely wideband antennas ideal for test setups
High Gain Antennas Provide directional links

Aerospace Infrastructure and In-Flight Networking

Low Profile Antennas Non-intrusive for inboard or outboard TX/RX
2.4 GHz ISM Band (Wi-Fi) Low Profile Inconspicuous WiFi broadcast for passenger cabins

Airborne Direction Finding

Super-Elastic Whip Lightweight whip antenna available in different bands
Configured Appliqué Antennas Low-profile, easily positionable in different bands
Conformal SINCGARS Appliqué Antennas Low-profile, easily positionable in SINCGARS band

Orbital Communications (Satellites, Spacecraft)

Quadrifilar Helix SATCOM Antenna Satellite radio antenna systems