Electrical and Mechanical Design Resources

  • NEC‐4.1: Electromagnetic Modeling Software
  • NECOPT: Proprietary Optimizer to Compliment NEC‐4.1
  • WIPL‐D: Electromagnetic Modeling Software
  • MATLAB & MATLAB Simulink: Computational Engine & Model Based Design Software
  • SolidWorks: 3‐D Mechanical CAD & Solid Modeling Software
  • SystemView: RF Communications Full Systems Analysis Tools
  • Eagleware‐Agilent Genesys: Electronic System, Circuit Design & Modeling Capabilities
  • PROTEUS Isis & Ares: Time Domain Circuit Analysis & Integrated PCB Layout Software
  • CADENCE: Circuit Analysis & PCB Layout Software

In-House Electronics Laboraory

STAR‐H’s state‐of–the‐art electronics laboratory hardware includes large selections of the following types of instruments:

  • Low Frequency Signal & Function Generators
  • Spectrum Analyzers, Bench top & Portable Handheld
  • Network Analyzers
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Bench top & Portable Handheld
  • Assembly & Quality Control Binocular Microscopes
  • ESD Safe Stations, Tools, Equipment and Static Control System
  • Prototype Preheat & Reflow Oven for SMD Assembly & Rework
  • Prototype PCB Fabrication Equipment
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

In-House Machine Shop Capabilities

STAR-H maintains the following types of equipment and capabilities for prototype and short-run product fabrication:

  • 3D FDM Printer
  • Metal Cutting Tools (Band Saws, Cold Cut Saws, Etc.)
  • Manual Milling Machine
  • Manual Lathe
  • Small CNC Mill
  • Fiberglass Fabrication Equipment
  • Plastics Forming Equipment
  • TIG/MIG Welding Systems

STAR-H also maintains a network of off-site machine shop vendors for larger scale and/or volume production runs.