It has been a few years since STAR-H took on a project to design and build a high frequency, high power antenna system for the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (NOIC) to use at the Arecibo Observatory. The system is geared towards ionospheric research, and will be used for a few weeks each year. It consists of six arrays of large antennas to be installed inside of the Arecibo Observatory primary reflector dish, plus a subreflector net that hangs above the primary reflector dish.

Through the hard work by the team at STAR-H, the system was completed and shipped in June, 2012 to be delivered to the Arecibo Observatory. While the subreflector net is currently under way to be installed, the antennas will be installed near December when weather permits.

Final parts of the project included a visit from Arecibo Observatory representatives in April, including a member from Cornell University, which contracted the work along with the National Science Foundation.