STAR-H's line of optomized wide bandwidth log-periodic antennas provide a superiod solution for communications, ESM, or measurement and testing systems requiring large instantaneous bandwidths with very flat impedence requirements.

By using computer optimization techniques, STAR-H engineers were able to design an antenna with low VSWR, high efficiency, and lightweight rugged construction. The antenna is available in several standard configurations or may be customized to a particular bandwidth requirement. No lossy matching networks or lumped-element circuit components are used in the antenna.


Product Pricing

900-2600 MHz
 6 dBi

  • Compact PCB construction
  • Standard gain
Other Bands
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  • See frequency bands and gains listed below

 *Prices are for single quantities

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  • Low VSWR Across the Band
  • High Efficiency
  • Lightweight
  • Tough PCB Construction for Small Sizes
  • Low Cost in Volume




Specifications for all standard models are listed below.

The radiation pattern and gain performance of the Log Periodic antenna family is well document and technical publications covering the antenna analysis are available upon request. The SHHG models produce a directional, linearly polarized radiation pattern. For hte specific radiation data pertaining to a particular model, please Contact Us.

Model Frequency Band [MHz] Max Gain [dBi]
SHHG-03-600-600-XX 300 - 900  10
SHHG-04-600-600-XX 300 - 900  6
SHHG-03-500-2250-XX 2000 - 2500  10
SHHG-04-500-2250-XX 2000 - 2500  6

900 - 2600


SHHG-04-1700-1750-XX 900 - 2600  6

 All SHHG Antenna models come standard with female SMA connectors. Other RF connectors are available upon request.

Model Standard Primary Material
SHHG-03-600-600-XX Aluminum
SHHG-04-600-600-XX Aluminum
SHHG-03-500-2250-XX Fiberglass (PCB)
SHHG-04-500-2250-XX Fiberglass (PCB)

Fiberglass (PCB)

SHHG-04-1700-1750-XX Fiberglass (PCB)

The heights below represents overall size of the antenna alone and does not include any mounting bracket. For standard orders, no mounting bracket is included, but custom mounting brackets can be designed and supplied upon request.

Model Dimensions* (L x H) [cm]
Weight** [g]
SHHG-03-600-600-XX 61 x 60  750
SHHG-04-600-600-XX 49 x 55 550
SHHG-03-500-2250-XX 28 x 11 100
SHHG-04-500-2250-XX 8 x 10  50

37 x 20


SHHG-04-1700-1750-XX 14 x 15  100

* Dimensions are approximate and are for the radiator board only, not including any casing or cable
** Weight does not include RF cable

Log Periodic Dimensions bw

Options and Accessories

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STAR-H reserves the right to change published product specifications at any time due to (a) continual improvement of its product families, (b) to correct inadvertent typographical errors, or (c) to reflect improvements in manufacturing process. STAR-H can supply exact technical specifications with each quote or order. Traceability and configuration management information is always maintained for each individual product. Please contact STAR-H for further information.