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STAR-H's line of Yagi antennas are ideal for anyone who needs to improve the directional performance of their communications devices. Our lightweight, rugged Yagi antennas are standard available in the 2.4 MHz ISM band for WiFi applications, but are also available in other frequency bands upon request.

The ISM band antennas can be easily installed onto wireless routers or access points with standard removable antennas without any special tools or modifications. They help boost wireless performance in weak signal areas or provide broadcast directionality where needed.


Product Pricing

2.4 GHz ISM

  • Compact PCB construction
  • Perfect for WiFi radios

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  • 10 dB of Gain
  • Very Low Profile
  • Lightweight
  • Tough PCB Construction for Small Sizes
  • Low Cost in Volume





Specifications for the standard 2.4 GHz ISM WiFi model are listed below. To request additional frequency bands, please submit a Product Inquiry or Contact Us.

The radiation pattern and gain performance of the Yagi antenna family is well documented. For detailed radiation pattern and performance information, please Contact Us.

Base Model Number SHHG-01-100-2450-XX
Frequency Range 2400 MHz - 2500 MHz
Maximum Input Power 10 W*
Maximum Input VSWR 2.25:1*
Nominal Impedance

50 Ω

Polarization Linear
Maximum Gain ≈ 10 dBi
Pattern Type Contact STAR-H
Material FR4

Standard RF Connector

U.fl pigtail
Length (L) (Inches) [cm] 3.0 [7.6]
Width (W) (Inches) [cm] 2.8 [7.0]
Depth (Inches) [cm] 0.025 [0.06]
Weight (ounce) [gram] 0.2 [5.6]
Shipping Length (Inches) [cm] Qty Dependent
Shipping Width (Inches) [cm] Qty Dependent
Shipping Height (Inches) [cm] Qty Dependent

* For standard configuration


Options and Accessories

Custom RF Connector or Cable Length
Contact Us
Custom Mounting Option Contact Us
Custom Board Finish or Color Contact Us
Hard Case Contact Us
Custom Hard Case Finish or Color Contact Us

STAR-H reserves the right to change published product specifications at any time due to (a) continual improvement of its product families, (b) to correct inadvertent typographical errors, or (c) to reflect improvements in manufacturing process. STAR-H can supply exact technical specifications with each quote or order. Traceability and configuration management information is always maintained for each individual product. Please contact STAR-H for further information.