STAR-H's 2.4 GHz Low Profile Antennas can be integrated with wireless access points for Wi-Fi networking, attached to or installed in ceilings where unobtrusiveness is important.

Only 1.35 inches in diameter (3 inches including ground plane), and 0.3 inches tall (excluding connector), this antenna has nearly the same radiation performance as a dipole antenna 10 times the size. Covers the entire 2400-2500 MHz band and is ideal for low visibility requirements, integration into OEM hardware, and short range access point applications. Can be used as an epaulet antenna for wearable communications systems. Available with or without rugged ABS radome. The broad vertical radiation pattern provides excellent coverage of multiple floors in a building, or of large open indoor spaces, such as lobbies and atriums where large antennas would be obtrusive, and provide better coverage than higher gain antennas with narrow coverage angles. They are small enough to be easily and invisibly integrated into product enclosures, ceiling tiles, and other objects.

LP-ISM hand smThese antennas are also useful for UAV and aircraft applications where the signal can be maintained regardless of aircraft flight attitude.





Product Pricing
No Radome
  • Economical uncovered antenna for product integration
  • No weather protection
Black Radome   $60/unit*
  • Black ABS plastic enclosure
  • Ideal for buildings or outdoors

White Radome


  • White ABS plastic enclosure
  • Ideal for buildings or outdoors

 *Prices are for single quantities

Contact us for ordering or volume discount information

  • Perfect for Wi-Fi networking
  • Can replace standard dipole and monopole designs
  • Tough ABS enclosures available standard in black
  • Custom enclosure materials and colors available for high volume orders
  • Low cost in volume
  • Standard SMA connector
  • Available to OEMs


Base Model Number SHLP-02-100-2450-GD
Frequency Range 2.4 GHz - 2.5 GHz
Maximum Input Power 50 W Std.
Maximum Input VSWR 1.75:1
Nominal Impedance

50 Ω

Polarization Linear
Maximum Gain ≈ 2.1 dBi
Pattern Type Approx. Monopole Equivalent

ABS Radome

Custom Material Available in High Volume Orders

Enclosure Color

Standard Black

Custom Colors Available in High Volume Orders

Standard RF Connector

SMA Female
Height (Inches) [cm]

1.13 [2.9] Including Connector

Width (Inches) [cm]

3.3 [8.3]

Depth (Inches) [cm] 3.3 [8.3]
Weight (oz) [g]

1.4 [40]

Connector Options

SMA Female

Shipping Length (Inches) [cm] 5 [13]
Shipping Width (Inches) [cm] 5 [13]
Shipping Height (Inches) [cm] 3 [8]

Options and Accessories

Custom Radome Color Contact Us

STAR-H reserves the right to change published product specifications at any time due to (a) continual improvement of its product families, (b) to correct inadvertent typographical errors, or (c) to reflect improvements in manufacturing process. STAR-H can supply exact technical specifications with each quote or order. Traceability and configuration management information is always maintained for each individual product. Please contact STAR-H for further information.