STAR-H understands that, as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are used for more diverse and extreme applications, their communications requirements also become diverse and complex. We carry a range of antenna solutions specialized for the tight operational and mounting requirements of UAV aircraft, and are constantly expanding our line as we realize potential new uses.

Our products are already well-rooted in tactical and military UAV systems, and as the expansion of civilian UAS persists, we are excited to continue development of increasingly advanced solutions for aircraft communications.

We are committed to providing solutions which can be integrated with as little effort as possible. There are no true 100% plug-and-play solutions because:

  • There are many unique UAV airframes and missions
  • Performance at typical aerospace frequencies depends heavily on surrounding materials
  • Tight requirements on performance, power, and size necessitate optimization

To work around these restrictions, STAR-H's line of UAV antenna solutions are designed for flexibility. Our products are available in different frequency bands for various application types, and their accompanying matching networks are tunable to ensure optimal performance for your aircraft. In many cases, it is not necessary to build an entirely new antenna sytem from the ground up. Rather, we can configure one of our systems for your needs through basic simulation and testing on a sample airframe. We then retain that configuration data so that we can produce additional units for the same aircraft in the future without having to repeat the process.

In cases where an aircraft or application is so highly specialized that one of our standard products does not suit your needs, STAR-H's Custom Antenna Engineering team is prepared to work with you to ensure a complete, satisfactory solution.

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