singcarstoploadeddipoleSTAR-H's lightweight SINGCARS communication antenna provides tactical VHF capabilities on the SINCGARS band to small tactical UAV aircraft. Covering the entire 30-88 MHz band and with a proven 125 km (78 mile) range (with a standard OE-254 ground station antenna), this antenna was developed to meet the US Army requirements for SINCGARS airborne communications relay systems. It has been tested on the US Army Shadow TUAV, and it can be integrated into other small UAVs.

The system can be configured to mount either via aircraft wingtip extension or outboard mid-wingspan through small skin openings.

Because of variability in aircraft construction and the effect of nearby materials on precision antennas, the system must be tested and tuned for new aircraft designs. This tuning must only be done once per new aircraft design or configuration, and generally does not require a redesign of the system.


  • Unlike typical blade antennas, no ground plane is required
  • Aerodynamic enclosure matches wing cross-section in tip-mount configuration
  • Electrically-small
  • Engineered for composite UAV wings
  • Lightweight construction
  • Fully customizable to any UAV
  • Compatible with ITT ASIP and other SINCGARS radios
  • Low-drag wingtip-mount
  • Computer optimized impedence matching network
  • Customizable for other frequency bands


Frequency Range 30-90 MHz
Maximum Input Power
5 W
Maximum Input VSWR 3.0:1
Pattern Type
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Stainless Steel and Fiberglass

Standard RF Connector
SMA Pigtail
Weight 2 lbs (0.9 kg)


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