STAR-H offers robust, self-adhesive printed appliqué antennas for UAV applications which can be mounted almost anywhere on the platform. These extremely low profile appliqués can be installed on horizontal or vertical surfaces providing the desired polarization coverage and can even be mounted independently as blade antennas if surface space is unavailable on the airframe in the disired orientation.

Our simple and reliable systems require minimal installation time and require no modification to the air frame and little or no modification to the aircraft skin, depending on installation configuration. The appliqués will not damage the platform and can be removed without any damage to the aircraft.

STAR-H has developed a family of appliqués for the SINCGARS 30-90 MHz comm bands with a variety of radiator sizes and matching network configurations. Because the SWAP requirements and capabilities vary from aircraft to aircraft so drastically, one configuration is not the best for every platform and application. STAR-H offers the ability to rapidly configure its standard appliqué radiators and matching network products on a case-by-case basis for each platform, ensuring that you have performance you require in within your dimensional constraints.


  • Rapid configuration of existing designs for each customer
  • Configurable matching network enclosure mounting
  • Pick your connector type to avoid adapters or restrictions on your radio
  • Available soft-contact connection between matching network and antenna for easy installation without soldering - Just press the matching network against the antenna
  • Optional rubberized backing and included adhesive backing for easy conformal installation - Just peel and stick!


appliquecuttingSTAR-H maintains the facilities for complete in-house completion of a project from design to fabrication to test. Our unique capabilities, including CNC fabrication and 3D printing, allow rapid turn-around delivery and iterative design methods to ensure complete compatability with customer requirements and systems.

Our systems are versatile and can be implemented in a variety of ways. For aircraft skin panels, antennas can be mounted to either the inside or outside for fiberglass and to the outside for carbon fiber structures, and they can even be embedded in aircraft structures.

We use careful computer-controlled processes for production of flight antenna hardware to ensure high degrees of precision and accuracy from unit to unit. Each part is inspected and tested prior to assembly.

Our vast prior experience with aircraft wideband antennas, our signature low-profile antennas, and appliqué antennas means that we know what to expect and can accurately and reliably meet both our goals and your goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. In most cases, we can configure our existing products to meet your needs. Coupled with our rapid prototyping and engineering capabilities, this means our process is low risk for your project.



Standard Matching Network

Matching Network with Solder-Less
"Soft Contacts" for Easy Installation


Typical VSWR Performance


Typical Gain Performance


Typical Gain Pattern


Standard Dimensions (see options below for other dimensions)


Standard Options

Footprint [inch]

6 x 8

12 x 26

16 x 30

16 x 40

Power Rating [Watt]

RX Only



25 (CW)

50 (CW)

Matching Network Mounting



RF Connector




Choose: Pigtail or Surface mount

Tuning Profile


Inverse of Propogation Frequency Roll-Off



Contact STAR-H for custom options

STAR-H reserves the right to change published product specifications at any time due to (a) continual improvement of its product families, (b) to correct inadvertent typographical errors, or (c) to reflect improvements in manufacturing process. STAR-H can supply exact technical specifications with each quote or order. Traceability and configuration management information is always maintained for each individual product. Please contact STAR-H for further information.