STAR-H has combined its experience in wideband and low-profile UAV antennas to bring wideband communication to your aircraft. We have developed a family of wideband blade antennas that can be installed in the winglets or stabilizers of space-limited aircraft, potentially eliminating the need for multiple antennas or enabling multi-band radio communication.

Because of the unique nature of nearly every aircraft, these antennas can be quickly and cost-effectively customized to any application.


  • Flat-profile can fit into narrow spaces, such as winglets or stabilizers
  • Customizable shape and frequency bands for any aircraft
  • Durable fiberglass backing
  • Included matching network

Please Contact Us to see how this antenna can be made to suit your aircraft.

STAR-H reserves the right to change published product specifications at any time due to (a) continual improvement of its product families, (b) to correct inadvertent typographical errors, or (c) to reflect improvements in manufacturing process. STAR-H can supply exact technical specifications with each quote or order. Traceability and configuration management information is always maintained for each individual product. Please contact STAR-H for further information.