STAR-H's signature line of optimized extremely wide bandwidth (”Double Egg-Beater”) antennas provide a superior solution for communications or measurement and testing systems requiring large instantaneous bandwidths with very flat impedance requirements. By using computer optimization techniques, STAR-H engineers were able to design a unique wideband dipole antenna with low VSWR, high efficiency, and lightweight rugged construction.

"I have personally dragged some of your antennas through some pretty rough desert, mud, and snow"

~Current Customer

The antenna is available in several standard configurations or can be customized to a particular requirement, providing the ease of a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution while also allowing design flexibility. No lossy matching networks or lumped-element circuit components are used in the antenna, making it useful for waveforms requiring wide instantaneous bandwidth.

Ultra-wideband dipole antennas have an extremely broad range of applications in everything from vehicle communications to tower transcievers and even unmanned aerial system (UAS) control segment ground stations and air traffic sensing.

Customers have reported using our ultra-wideband dipoles to replace up to five separate standard antennas and cables, saving money and time in the field.

Frequency Ranges

30-90 MHz 100-500 MHz 130-550 MHz 200-700 MHz 500-1500 MHz 1.5-4 GHz

We can also provide Custom Wideband Antennas upon demand for specific applications where the operational frequencies are not covered by one single antenna above.

Key Features

  • Ruggedized to military standards
  • Designed with no matching network for high power and low loss performance
  • No sensitive circuitry or on-site tuning to worry about — it just works!
  • Extreme wideband for fewer antennas in each system and software-defined radio applications