Leveraging its Custom Antenna Engineering capabilities, STAR-H is able to quickly tailor its wideband dipole antennas to customer needs. The standard frequency ranges offered in our catalog cover most typical frequencies, but we realize the ever-changing needs of high performance radio systems and are willing to make sure our products meet your demands. Not only is STAR-H capable of expanding or focusing its wideband diple antennas to specific frequencies, but they can also be modified for special applications, such as low visibility requirements.

We routinely configure and optimize our systems for different frequencies on-demand, and because of our experience and in-house processes and algorithms, we are able to do so with minimal additional cost and effort. Our flexible systems are adaptable, preventing the need to begin "from scratch" with each new frequency band.

For information regarding configuring our ultra-wideband dipoles for a particular frequency range, please submit a Product Inquiry or Contact Us with your specifications.