A leader in advanced RF Spectrum Management and Cognitive Radio systems, STAR-H has developed unique hardware and software systems for monitoring, managing, recording, and measuring, and if necessary controlling, the ambient RF spectrum in real time. SpectraStar™ provides the capability for detailed management and characterization of RF space for radio optimization and also range testing, and it's high level of flexibility allows adaptation of the system for virtually any program requiring high-precision real-time spectrum management.

Developed for the US Army, SpectraStar™ provides high performance spectrum monitoring and activity archiving at a remarkably economical price. Using custom developed Windows software applications and PCI-based high speed A/D data acquisition along with a unique wideband high speed RF/IF downconverter, SpectraStar™ is the optimal solution for inexpensive high performance monitoring of radio signal activity in the HF, VHF, and UHF spectrum.

The custom SpectraStar™computational algorithms continuously accept data from the FFT spectrum calculation, commands the IF system to change IF bands, and correctly stitches the measurement data from each FFT together to form the complete spectrum.

GPS location information from a NMEA compatible USB GPS device allows the accurate time and location stamping of each spectrum record such that a system on a mobile platform can correlate spectrum data in both spacial and temporal domains.

The system allows for continual logging and archiving of spectrum data for testing and analysis purposes. Output capabilities mean that the system can also control radio transmissions in test environments for real-time analysis and input/output comparisons while taking into consideration the local electromagnetic environment as it exists during the test.

Wideband Coverage

STAR-H's hardware and software can monitor spectrum occupancy from DC to 450 MHz standard or 1 GHz optionally, with expanded 3 GHz coverage coming soon making it perfect for tactical environments. Realtime continuous monitoring of 40 MHz of contiguous spectrum with 12.5 kHz resolution and scan rates up to 42 GHz/second are possible. Wider bandwidths are covered in sequential blocks with scan rates determined by resolution and bandwidth requirements. Matching compact and covert wideband antenna systems for monitoring are also available.

Monitor Realtime Pulse and FH Signals

STAR-H's systems are designed to identify short pulse and fast frequency hopping systems such as SINCGARS and other systems. STAR-H's system can track FH units operating as fast as 2700 hops per second, and can identify systems operating even faster. SpectraStar™ is able to detect a wide variety of waveforms even in dense RF environments. The system can take note of its ambient RF environment in these situations and adapt as necessary to ensure reliable data acquisition.


User Interface

A custom SpectraStar™ graphical user interface provides all user input and program control as well as graphical displays of spectrum activity and channel occupancy. By default, SpectraStar™ includes display windows such as a real time spectrum display, spectra occupancy plot display, and channel prediction and spectrogram display. A variety of customizable user interfaces and report formats are available to meet customer requirements. The program allows the user to request a frequency assignment using the prediction algorithm results.

External Device Interface

SpectraStar's™ flexibility means that it can be fitted to interface with nearly any external device that may be used in its application, extending its capabilities to remote data logging and even external computer control of radio transmitters to transmit programmable data sequences over a variety of protocols for testing applications. The system is available standard with a serial output, but other outputs are available on request, including wired and wireless network interfaces.

Packaging and Field Deployment

The SpectraStar™ system is standardly packaged in two rackmount units (one 1U and one 2U) for modularity and ease of installation. The units are designed to resist shock and rough handling.

The system is also available pre-installed into an rugged ATA rackmount case for easy field deployment and mobility on test ranges. The SpectraStar™ units can also be installed into other custom housings and transport units upon request.



Frequency Coverage

500 kHz - 460 MHz Standard

[500 kHz - 960 MHz Extended]
[500 kHz - 3 GHz Planned]

Frequency Resolution

12.5 kHz

[with future zoom capability]

IF Channel Bandwidth
40 MHz
Scan Rate

100 scans/second

42 GHz/second

Antenna Inputs

4 standard 50 Ohm



Aux (2)

Antenna Connectors SMA
Computer Operating System Windows XP ®
Computer Processor Type Dual AMD Opteron™ 64-bit
Computer Display S/VGA compatible LCD or CRT
Input Power

120 VAC

[240 VAC also available]

System Mounting

19 inch rack mount standard

Custom mounting and ruggedized mobile options available

Weight Approx. 45 lbs [20.5 kg]

Custom modifications to specification values are available by request

Specifications are subject to change

Detailed datasheets available upon request

STAR-H reserves the right to change published product specifications at any time due to (a) continual improvement of its product families, (b) to correct inadvertent typographical errors, or (c) to reflect improvements in manufacturing process. STAR-H can supply exact technical specifications with each quote or order. Traceability and configuration management information is always maintained for each individual product. Please contact STAR-H for further information.