The core of STAR-H Corporation's success stems from its healthy research and development activities. We tackle highly unique problems with our skilled engineering team to establish reliable, cost-effective solutions. In some cases, we are able to adapt designs from our catalog of standard products, and, when necessary, we are able to build creative solutions from the ground up.

Our R&D programs typically result in the expansion of our catalog of standard and configurable products. In some cases, the resultant products are not typical "orderable on demand" products which we can stock, but they nonetheless become part of our catalog and history so that we can leverage them into future programs or recreate them as semi-standard products.

STAR-H accepts custom R&D projects both large and small for challenging antenna applications where no suitable commercially-available systems are available.

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Industry Partners

Our research and development also involves a broad and diverse set of industry and academic partners that allow us to expand our capabilities and explore new possibilities in RF design.

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